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40 Ⱓ 뿡 Ͽ, ,
忡 , ܿ Ǹ ϸ鼭 İ
ڷḦ 1999 Ͽϴ.

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We sincerely appreciate you for visiting the Cyber Museum of Cadastre & Local History.

This Museum, which is located in Jecheon, Choongbook with fresh wind and bright moon, was opened in 1999 by Jin-Ho, Lee who is on the basis of knowledge, experience and collected data acquired through employment in cadastral field for 40 years, administration in survey authority, survey at site and lecture in lecture platform.

As this Museum is the exclusive expert data hall not only in Korea but also in the world, To the cadastral relics showing Korean cadastral history (land document, survey machine and etc.) are collected in the Museum, and in this addition, various bibliographic data such as local history, centennial history, Christian field (Bible, bulletin for founding church) and etc. have been collected.

We truly hope that this country may become the cadastral powerful country to lead the world through perusal and research of the data exhibited and kept in this Museum.


Hakchon, Jin-Ho Lee

Director of The Museum of Cadastre & Local History


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